17 April 2024

Anvilogic Raises $45M in Series C Funding

We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Anvilogic's Series C round.

Anvilogic, the industry’s first multi-data platform SIEM, today announced the close of a $45 million Series C funding round, bringing its total funding to date to $85 million since its founding in 2019. Anvilogic will use the funding to expand its generative AI features for additional use cases across the entire Security Operations Center (SOC) lifecycle and scale up its go-to-market efforts.


Cervin Ventures and Anvilogic

Our journey with Anvilogic started in early 2021 when we invested in their Series A round of funding. When we met Karthik Kannan and Deb Banerjee, the founders of Anvilogic, we quickly realized that they have the unique skill set needed to address the problem of automating threat detection. Serial entrepreneurship experience combined with deep knowledge of the SIEM space and significant cyber-security experience make them an exceptional team.

Since the time of the Series B, the company has achieved strong traction in the market and quadrupled its growth by helping dozens of customers break the SIEM lock-in that drives detection gaps and high costs for enterprise SOCs. In March 2023, Anvilogic released the industry’s first detection engineering copilot, leveraging generative AI to address a number of detection and investigation use cases across security data lakes.

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We are very excited to be able to participate in this new round of financing. We look forward to what the future holds for the company’s dedicated team as they enable security leaders to confidently join the rest of the enterprise on the modern data stack without disrupting existing processes.