12 May 2021

Why Cervin Ventures Invested In Anvilogic

Anvilogic, a leading cybersecurity threat detection automation company, recently announced that they have raised a $10 million Series A.

The round was led by Cervin Ventures with participation from Foundation Capital, Point 72 Ventures, and Dan Warmenhoven. This round of funding will allow Anvilogic to scale their go-to-market operations and expand research and development efforts.


Anvilogic gives an organization the map and directions that are vital to navigating their unique security landscape to automate security operations and reduce risk. The nerve center of an enterprise’s cyber-security strategy is the Security Operations Center (SOC), whose primary functions are (a) threat detection and (b) threat response. Threat response technologies have received a lot of attention. New approaches such as SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response) have automated threat response actions. However, many security teams lack a strong threat detection framework, which is essential for rapid response. 


Current threat detection and hunting techniques require subject matter experts who are also experts in coding. The process is labor intensive and lacks the flexibility to quickly detect new threats that are constantly evolving. Typically, SOCs try to solve this problem by adding more detection engineers and bringing in consultants to help assess their maturity and keeping up with detection coverage. But these efforts are largely manual, non-reusable and unscalable. Anvilogic addresses this deficiency. It is the industry's first security detection automation platform that delivers AI-driven insights and recommendations to measure and improve threat detection coverage. The platform sits on top of existing logging infrastructures and provides value by augmenting traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions and in some cases, replaces them. 


Anvilogic provides security teams a unified and normalized security operations process across their data platforms and security operations silos to gain insights and take action. It helps SOCs modernize their security operations. It reduces noise in the SOC (false positives). Its risk based alert focus is simple to build and maintain. It provides CISOs with faster time to value and a more efficient operating model. The SOC of the future will be able to handle more alerts with less staff and lower training needs.

When we met Karthik Kannan and Deb Banerjee, the founders of Anvilogic, we quickly realized that they were uniquely skilled to address the problem of automating threat detection. Serial entrepreneurship experience combined with deep knowledge of the SIEM space and significant cyber-security experience made them an exceptional team. Furthermore, they have hired an excellent combination of platform developers and SOC practitioners who are able to execute to Anvilogic's vision. We saw early signs of strong product-market fit with marquee customers and prospects flocking to work with Anvilogic. We are excited to have the opportunity to be partners with the founders of Anvilogic.


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