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Series A, Series B
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Anvilogic is an AI-driven, threat detection automation platform that provides CISOs and SOC teams much-needed automation in their detection use case development process. The platform becomes a force-multiplier for security operations and delivers higher-efficacy detection capabilities, in order to find complex and fast-breaking threats faster. The platform also extends the automation to the hunting process with an integrated hunting and triage app that makes threat resolution easy and accurate, resulting in higher rates of last-mile response automation.

Anvilogic sits on top of existing logging infrastructures (e.g., Splunk) and provides value by obviating the need for a traditional SIEM app and filling the gaps of SOC lifecycle.

Our vision is to help the industry move to cloud-world and deliver what we call “SOC Neutrality”. We believe that all logging will be on a distributed cloud warehouse in the future, and there will be even more silos of alerts and workflows (e.g., XDR) in the SOC. Anvilogic will become the unified security fabric that delivers total end-to-end SOC automation. SOC practitioners will be able to be indifferent to underlying tools, logging, and alert disparities while not only keeping up but operating efficiently at the threat detection and hunting layers.

"We're excited to be working with Shirish Sathaye and the Cervin Ventures team who have a great eye for finding solutions that are disrupting the market. They truly understand the vision for Anvilogic and know how to help make companies successful. I also know that Shirish and team are solid founder-friendly investors who are in for the long haul, which is very important as we build a large company with a bright future."

Karthik Kannan, Founder & CEO