20 April 2021

Catch&Release Raises $14M in Series A Funding

Catch&Release, an industry-leading creative technology platform, recently announced that they have raised a $14 million Series A.

To date, the company has raised to $26 million. Accel led the round with participation from existing investors including Cervin Ventures.


Catch&Release brings authenticity to brands, helping them create unique campaigns using found content, or content that already exists on the internet, uploaded by creators, including directors, photographers, producers, entrepreneurs, and everyday people. Using proprietary tools, Catch&Release identifies the “licensability” of found content through its web extension, does the work to secure necessary rights while tracking clearance approvals in real-time, and gives customers a place to discover, curate, and collaborate through its cloud-based platform. 


The new round of funding will allow Catch&Release to accelerate efforts to turn their vision into a scalable technology-driven solution that can serve an even larger pool of creative teams. 


Why we invested


In 2017, on being presented with an opportunity to invest in Catch&Release, we knew this company would make a splash. We were very impressed by the founder & CEO, Analisa Goodin. With years of experience in production and advertising and a drive to make Catch&Release an industry leader, she embodies Disciplined Entrepreneurship.

We also saw a huge opportunity to disrupt the commercial stock image and footage space. For years, it has been dominated by giants like Getty Images and Shutterstock. However, stock photos and staged photoshoots no longer resonate with consumers the way they once did. More than ever, people want authenticity and individuality; that’s where user-generated content and Catch&Release come in. Every year 1.3 trillion photos and videos are uploaded to the internet and now Catch&Release puts them at customer’s fingertips. This is an important step in the company's mission to “be the licensing layer of the internet”.


At Cervin Ventures, we invest in companies and founders who are disrupting enterprise technology, including the future of work. Analisa and the Catch&Release team do just that. We are fortunate to be an early investor and have seen the company begin to flourish. We look forward to what the future holds for Catch&Release.

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