21 November 2023

Vendelux Raises $14M in Series A Funding

We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Vendelux's Series A round.

Vendelux, the first AI-powered event intelligence platform, has announced a $14 million Series A led by FirstMark Capital with participation from Cervin Ventures and several other venture capital firms. Industry-leading angels including Jonathan Weiner (Founder, HLTH, ShopTalk, and Money20/20) and Jay Weintraub (Founder, Connectiv Events) also invested in the round.


The new funding will be used to expand Vendelux’s geographic footprint, including building out a London-based team. UK-based events serve enterprises across EMEA and Vendelux’s GDPR compliant insights make it easy to adopt the platform. Product investments will see the Vendelux platform grow to connect the entire end-to-end event marketing journey. The company also plans to build out intelligence solutions for conference organizers. 


Changing B2B Event Marketing One Conference at a Time

Conferences and tradeshows have seen record attendance since the pandemic and are poised to continue on this trajectory. With iterations of remote and hybrid work enduring beyond the pandemic, in-person events serve as a critical touchpoint for sales reps, marketers, and prospective customers. As a result, in-person events are one of the most important pieces of the marketing and sales funnel. Revenue teams no longer want to hop on a plane to meet a select number of prospects at a time when they can meet hundreds of prospects in a 2-3 day timespan at a conference and build the start of a personal and working relationship.


However, it’s not always clear which events deliver the greatest return on dollars spent. Different teams measure success according to different metrics - meetings taken, new leads generated, speaking opportunities, etc., making it nearly impossible to plan for and measure ROI so that, organization-wide, companies have an understanding of the impact events have on their business. Vendelux provides sales and marketing teams tangible data that they can share with financial decision makers to justify their budget requests.

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Vendelux Co-Founders Alex Reynolds and Stefan Deeran experienced this particular challenge firsthand during their time at Shutterstock while incubating a new division. Year after year, they struggled to evaluate which events were worthwhile to attend and which events warranted a sponsorship. They couldn’t find a solution, which led to the birth of Vendelux. 


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive modeling, Vendelux’s platform provides a true industry first - data insights from over 65 million data points and more than 160,000 events that enable the accurate forecasting of event personas. Paired with individual customer CRM data, Vendelux identifies events that have the most business impact based on each company’s unique revenue goals. With clear and easy access to event intelligence - including insights into where customers and competitors will be - event marketers can make informed decisions about which events to attend or sponsor, who to send, and how best to maximize the ROI of their event budget. 

We are excited to partner with Vendelux as they define event intelligence.