11 January 2024

Peerlogic Raises $5.6M in Seed Funding

We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Peerlogic's Seed round.

Peerlogic, a leader in AI and conversational intelligence, has announced their $5.6M Seed round. The new funding will be used to expand the company’s product solutions, enhance their Large Language Model (LLM), and develop advanced call analytics and engagement tools.


Transforming Front Offices with AI

One example of this transformation is dental offices. These practices are struggling to hire and retain front office labor and as a result, calls go unanswered, customer service decreases, and dentists lose countless opportunities. Peerlogic’s advanced call analytics and engagement platform allows its staff to save time and book more appointments.   


While many companies address the back office of a dental practice, accounting, payment processing, form scanning, insurance, etc, there are inadequate solutions addressing the transformation of the front office. 


Dental practices in the United States saw a 10% reduction in 2023 capacity, in large part due to employee turnover and a tightening labor market within the dental industry. ZipRecruiter displays ~37,000 “Dentist Receptionist” job openings and Indeed.com displays ~3,200 job openings for Dental Receptionists in California alone. To make matters worse, the average employment tenure of a dental receptionist is 1-2 years. Peerlogic’s actionable insights allow new employees to pick up right where the previous receptionist left off. Additionally, the actionable insights provided allow for an accelerated training period.


Peerlogic alleviates the stress incurred from front office receptionists who need to balance providing an enjoyable in-person experience, collecting payments, and managing inbound inquiries, which becomes overwhelming and leads to burnout and high churn. Once a dentist loses their receptionist or someone unexpectedly calls in sick, the burden falls on the dentist to interrupt each appointment to answer the calls.  


Peerlogic empowers dental practices to schedule more appointments, spend less time hiring, and provide a superior customer experience. Receptionists are trained faster with the VoIP platform, which provides actionable insights and follow up reminders so that no phone call or prospective client gets left behind. It is estimated that the average LTV of a client is 20 years and $45,000, making missed calls particularly costly.

We are excited to partner with Peerlogic in their pursuit to have every person in the US interact with their software when engaging with the dentist office.

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