01 November 2023

Joining the Cervin Investment Team

Taylor Oliver shares his thoughts on joining the Cervin team as a Principal.

After spending the last 2 years building Tenacity and previously raising the first Plug and Play supply chain fund, I am excited to join Cervin as a Principal and bolster their efforts in building the leading enterprise-tech VC firm. I will continue Cervin’s mission of enabling disciplined entrepreneurs that are disrupting massive, fast-growing, enterprise markets. I am humbled for the opportunity to work alongside the investing and operating partners at Cervin.


I look forward to partnering with the brightest founders building the best companies of tomorrow in B2B commerce, supply chain, and fintech. As efficiencies within supply chains materialize, customer expectations have risen, creating enormous opportunities. I have had the opportunity to work with many supply-chain executives at some of the largest global companies. There is a clear understanding amongst them that technology is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. In addition, the need for frictionless commerce experience is driving significant digital transformation. And finally, while the macro environment is changing asset allocations in fintech, the trend towards digital open banking is secular. 

I look forward to learning and building alongside founders, supercharging GTM, sales, and future fundraising efforts.


Why Cervin?

Early-stage venture capital draws many parallels to building a dominant football dynasty. Both are contact sports that require relentless hustle, creativity, and discipline. In this case, the superstars are already in the building. Neeraj, Preetish, Shirish, Daniel, and Scott, with 50+ years of investing experience. The hustle, creativity, and discipline are displayed by their outstanding track records and thoughtful approach. I was fortunate to have a front row seat as I shared two previous co-investments with Cervin - Arkestro and Vendelux.


Just as football is won and lost in the trenches, Cervin wins with entrepreneurs by partnering with them, not just around strategy, but also in drumming up new sales leads, recruiting new hires, or supporting fundraising endeavors. There is no substitute for actively supporting early-stage companies. Since capital is a commodity in venture, founders need to feel like family as the time spent building together is what sets Cervin apart. 

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In essence, Seed and Series A venture investing is a contact sport.  It is essential to shake thousands of hands and attend as many events as possible as the “chase” of finding the next billion dollar business never ceases to excite the team. I am a firm believer that people create their own luck and the harder someone works, the luckier they become, similar to the ball needing to bounce your way every once in a while on the field.

The Cervin team brings a diverse skill set that provides founders with a competitive edge hard to find at the early stage. The entire team makes itself available in the relentless pursuit of not just winning, but dominating at the early stages. I love the mechanics of the firm where each portfolio company gets the full attention across the partnership, and not just from the lead partner.