25 January 2022

CloudApp Raises $9.3M in Series A Funding

CloudApp, a visual work communication tool that helps teams share information faster through videos, gifs, and screenshots, recently announced a $9.3 million Series A.

Grayhawk Capital and Nordic Eye led the round with participation from Kickstart Fund, New Ground Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Peninsula Ventures, Forward VC, and Cervin. 


The company will use the funds to invest further in meeting customer needs and making CloudApp a deeply-integrated, secure, and fast communication solution for the four million professionals who use the tool. 

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Our journey with CloudApp started in 2017 when we invested in the company’s Seed round. When we initially invested, it was clear that the future of work was changing. People wanted to have fewer meetings and spend less time responding to endless emails and Slack messages. CloudApp was a way for them to do that, letting users create simple, shareable, interactive videos to communicate their message, rather than scheduling another call or writing another email. 

Then 2020 came around, and the pandemic changed so many aspects of our lives, particularly how we work. As a result, there was an explosion in demand for tools like CloudApp, to help teams collaborate and communicate wherever they are. The future of work was brought about at a speed that no one could have imagined. 

Now, as we ponder what the post-pandemic workplace looks like, it's clear that remote and hybrid work are here to stay, so we'll need better ways to bridge communication gaps in hybrid work environments and maximize employees' valuable time and energy. This new landscape is one where CloudApp can really shine and revolutionize the way teams communicate and collaborate. 

We are fortunate to have been an early investor and participated in this most recent round. We look forward to what the future holds for CloudApp and the company's dedicated team under the leadership of founder and CEO Scott Smith.