18 October 2022

Bolster Raises $15M in Series A Funding

Bolster, an automated digital risk protection company, recently announced that they have raised a $15 million Series A.

The round was led by Cervin, Liberty Global Ventures, and Cheyenne Ventures with participation from previous investors Thomvest Ventures and Crosslink Capital.

This round of funding will allow Bolster to fuel additional company growth to help customers detect and remediate threats across web, social media, and app stores at a fraction of the time and operational cost of alternative solutions.

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Why We Invested

Recently, phishing has emerged as a potent attack vector in the cybersecurity world. It takes advantage of trusting individual users to scam them into clicking on dangerous web links or typing passwords during login on fake websites or apps that almost accurately mimic real ones. Another phishing attack vector for phishing is social media. 

Bolster has pioneered an AI-based phishing and scam detection system. It learns from high-quality proprietary datasets containing millions of image and text samples and performs detection with extremely high accuracy. In addition, they are disrupting manual efforts associated with protecting enterprise external attack surfaces by incorporating state-of-the-art technology to fully automate the detection, analysis, and rapid removal of fraudulent sites and content.

Existing companies like Armorblox, Abnormal Security, and others are effective for email phishing attacks. These companies provide solutions for detecting phishing emails. Attack surface management, or threat intelligence, companies scan the internet for fake websites and give the list to their customers. Before Bolster, none of the existing solutions implemented active takedown of fraudulent sites, apps, or social media posts; this is the defining differentiating feature of Bolster. 

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with founders Abhishek Dubey, Shashi Prakash, and the entire Bolster team as they detect, monitor, and take down fake sites and content at Internet scale. We are proud to welcome Bolster to the Cervin family.