10 November 2021

Blink Technologies Raises $14M in Series A Funding

Blink Technologies, the emerging leader in eye-tracking software, recently announced a $14 million Series A round of financing.

InCapital Partners led the round with participation from Trilogy, Eldridge, Elysian Park, and Cervin. The company will use the funds for continued product development and team expansion. The company plans to double its workforce through expanding its US sales, customer service, and Israeli engineering teams.


Cervin and Blink Technologies


Our journey with Blink started in 2018 when we invested in the company’s Seed round. However, our journey with founder and CEO, Oren Yogev started years before this, when we invested in his previous company, Replay Technologies, which was acquired by Intel. So when we had the opportunity to invest in another of Oren’s companies, the decision was simple. 


Blink’s vision is to create the ultimate interaction between the human eye and the evolving world around us. They are the first company to develop a robust, non-intrusive, eyesight tracking technology ​without the need for special hardware apart from the ​built-in camera that already exists on the device. Their proprietary solution is based on mathematical modeling of the eye combined with a very sophisticated machine-learning architecture, personalized for the user. There are a myriad of use cases for this technology - from authentication to 3D applications (without specialized glasses) to adgaze analysis and many more.


We are fortunate to have been an early investor in the company and participated in this most recent round.  We look forward to what the future holds for Blink Technologies and the company’s dedicated team under the leadership of founder and CEO, Oren Yogev.

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